Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Queen Victoria, "The Young Victoria" : Such a Fashion Inspiration.

The moment that I saw the trailer for "The Young Victoria" I knew that I would either be buying a ticket for it at the cinema or seeing it once it came out on DVD. When it won the Academy Award for Costuming, it only sparked my interest even more. About two weeks ago, after dying to see it for about two months I finally got a chance to see it. And let me tell you- I fell in love with that movie. The entire movie was eye candy to me- the GORGEOUS majestic costumes (costumes were done by Sandy Powell) , along with the majestic English secenery (there was not a screenshot in the entire movie that was anything less than beautiful!)

The fabrics, colors, and textures used in the costumes of "The Young Victoria" have been an inspiration to my own wardrobe.

I had learned about Queen Victoria in my History of Costume class last semester and found her to be a very interesting person but seeing the movie took this "interesting" to fascinating!!! She was the inspiration behind all styles dubbed "Victorian!" She was the youngest ruler of England and had the longest rule thus far- 63 years. However, I have a feeling that Elizabeth II may be trying to break her record. (So far, she's been Queen for 58 years.)

And last but not least....Victoria and Albert's romance.. <3

So if you have any interest in fashion, British hierarchy, or are just a romantic at heart- you will like this movie. See it!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I can't wait to see it! Have you seen Brilliant Star?