Wednesday, March 24, 2010

APD 242- Elements of Design Project Texture

Listed below are the sources for my APD 242 Elements of Design Texture Project:

Kitty Cat/ Fur Coat:
Cat Image: A photo of my cat taken by myself.
Fur Coat:

Columns/Man in Corduroy Jacket:
Man in Corduroy Jacket:

Horse Mane/ Dress with Hair Fringe:
Horse Mane:
Dress with Hair Fringe:

Caterpillar/Fuzzy Boots:
Fuzzy Boots:

Waffles/Waffled Shirt:
Waffled Shirt:

Oriental Fan/ Ruffled Dress:
Oriental Fan:
Ruffled Dress:

Crocodile/Crocodile Bag:
Crocodile Bag:

Snake/ Green Snakeskin Shoes:
Green Snakeskin Shoes:

Crumpled Brown Paper Bags/ Crumpled Trenchcoat:
Crumpled Brown Paper Bags:
Crumpled Trenchcoat:

Shiny Black Car/ Patent Doc Marten Boots:
Shiny Black Car:
Patent Doc Marten Boots:

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